Titan Flow Control, Inc. was established in 2000 by a group of industry veterans with over 300 years of combined experience. Since then, the highly qualified management team has built a solid company that is known worldwide for its quality products and unmatched customer service.

Titan FCI manufactures a wide variety of industrial and commercial piping products including check valves, pipeline strainers, butterfly valves, pump protection products, and additional pipeline accessories. Titan’s capabilities even extend to complex fabricated products, custom design units, and specialty screens.

Titan FCI is committed to building relationships with its customers. For this reason, Titan Flow Control, Inc. has made the following promises:

  1. We will never install a computer system that eliminates the flexibility needed to provide you with the service you demand.
  2. We will never install one of those automatic phone systems that answers your call with a bunch of numbers from which you must select, just to get another bunch of numbers from which you must select. When you call Titan, you will talk to real live human beings – every call – every time – always.
  3. We will honestly tell you what we can do for you and what we cannot do.
  4. If we do not have what you need we will help you find it. We will do this even if doing so means Titan is eliminated from the sale.
  5. We have committed to maintain an extensive selection of products on hand because ours is a specialty business. We started our business carrying a substantial stock in inventory and we will continue to maintain it.

Titan Flow Control, Inc. would like the opportunity to do business with you.  Please give us a call at (910) 735-0000 and let us get to know each other better!