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Titan Adds New Tester for Large Products

  Titan Flow Control is rapidly expanding its factory’s capabilities!  One of Titan’s most recent investments was for new equipment to improve its in-house testing … [Read more...]

What are Key Factors in Choosing a Strainer Manufacturer?

  One of the most common questions that seems to be asked in the area of flow control and strainers is “How do I select the correct strainer and a straining element”?  And granted, this is … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Straining Element, Part One

This blog post is based upon Titan Flow Control’s Screen and Basket Selection Guide. This is a three part series.  Part One will focus on choosing the correct opening size, Part Two will discuss … [Read more...]

Titan at Power-Gen

Steve Hendricks of SDH Flow Controls talks with Pete Freeman and Ashvin Desai at the 2010 Power-Gen in Orlando, Florida. Pete and Ashvin give some insight to Titan's FRP Strainers and plastic … [Read more...]

Titan’s New Trade Show Booth

This video shows Titan's newly designed trade show booth. Thanks to Angela Estep and Ferguson Design for a great job in getting the booth done on time for the Power-Gen … [Read more...]